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Chandor Gardens, Weatherford, Texas
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Immerse Yourself
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Plant of the Month
Caladiums from Heaven
Memorial Garden
The End of the Curse
Around the Garden
Another Round of Potatoes
Parting Shot
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Weddings at Chandor Gardens
"Your happily ever after begins here."

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Chandor Gardens
711 W Lee Avenue
Weatherford, TX

Karen Nantz
Fax: 817-598-4354
email KNantz@

Steven Chamblee
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Public Hours
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

noon to 4:00 pm

Closed all City Observed Holidays.

Adults: $5
Children 12 and under: Free
(Children must be accompanied by an adult.)

Private Tours and Events
Available year-round by appointment.


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Secrets from the Garden
Chandor Gardens Newsletter - June 2013 
Immerse Yourself

Another Texas summer has arrived, and with it comes another chance to immerse yourself into the exuberant growth that comes along with it. This is the season of the toughest flowers; lantana, hibiscus, zinnias, cosmos, and pentas. Dramatic foliage also fills the garden; caladiums, elephant ear, sago palms, and coleus. Birds sing incessantly, butterflies flutter, and dragonflies whiz around like acrobatic helicopters. Squirrels scamper, frogs croak, and the koi are always up for a snack. Come see!

- The Chandor Gardens Staff
Upcoming Events

Lunch in the Gardens 

Tuesdays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Reservations only - call Kelli Hamilton at 817-374-2697
$11 per person (does not include price of admission to Gardens)

Treat yourself well on Tuesdays! Enjoy a stroll in the Gardens followed by a special lunch, served under the canopy of a beautiful old elm tree, in the courtyard of Chandor Gardens. Kelli Hamilton of Indulge by Kelli Catering brings her culinary talents to the Gardens every Tuesday - make your reservations today!

Lunch will be served in the mansion on days with excessive temperatures or rain.
Strawberry Angelfood Trifle
Strawberry Angelfood Trifle
Yoga Classes
Every Wednesday
5:30 to 6:30 pm

buddha frog Yoga with instructor Loretta Benham involves a mix of energetic sequences, but also incorporates stillness through breath work and meditation to quiet the mind. Classes are held every Wednesday at the Gardens. 

  • Bring your mat and wear comfortable clothing
  • In inclement weather, classes will be held in the Great Room. 
  • Donation based
  • Call for information: 816-613-1700
Plant of the Month
Empress of China™ Dogwood

Empress of China Dogwood

Last fall, I was fortunate enough to speak at the Texas State Fair. After my presentation, my Southern Living hosts loaded me down with new plants to try out. I was particularly curious about the pair of Empress of China™ Dogwoods, which were touted to be evergreen and heat tolerant, two features which are difficult to find in dogwoods.

Well, I planted them in a prominent spot in November, and wondered what the tiny, dime-sized blossoms would do over the winter. They sat there...even after a freeze. Odd, I thought, as I figured they would succumb to the cold and fall off. Spring rolled around, and the miniscule flowers just sat there... and sat there. The tree put on significant new growth, but the flowers didn't budge. Overall, a nice-looking small tree, but I wanted some spectacular blooms... after all, isn't that the hallmark of a dogwood?

Well, May flew by and I had lost hope for an "oooh-ahhh" moment with the tree, when... BANG! I round the corner and this puppy is covered in 3-inch wide, creamy-white blossoms! It's absolutely beautiful. Imagine that, a dogwood that blooms when it gets hot... amazing! If all goes as planned, this little jewel will adorn itself with translucent, strawberry-like fruit in early autumn. Almost makes the summer seem bearable.
Caladiums from Heaven!

Like "manna from heaven," our friends at Abbott-Ipco, Inc. (a commercial producer/distributor of caladium bulbs) gave us a donation of over 4000 caladium bulbs (technically tubers)...again! Last year's donation painted the garden in rich, glorious colors from June to frost, and we're "in the pink" again this year. Thanks to the Parker County Master Gardeners for all their help in getting these into the ground ASAP, so we can begin to enjoy the color bounty soon!
Parker County Master Gardeners and Caladiums
The Parker County Master Gardeners pose with some of the stupendous 2012 caladiums!
Memorial Garden

There is a special little area at Chandor Gardens that has been set aside to honor members of the Parker County Master Gardeners (PCMG) that have passed away. Located on the northwest side of the main parking lot, the Memorial Garden was created to recognize the long term efforts of the PCMG to Chandor Gardens, beginning in 1998, when the garden was still owned by Chuck and Melody Bradford. Each member in good standing will be honored with a brick inscribed with their name and years of service. A contemplative water feature serves as the center of the garden, which will soon include a bench and an arbor. The Memorial Garden is funded by PCMG members, as well as their families and friends.

Parker County Master Gardeners Memorial Garden

Parker County Master Gardeners Memorial Garden
The End of the Curse

About five years ago, while cleaning out a shrub bed at Chandor Gardens, I encountered an old strawberry pot beneath a tangle of vines. While digging it out, I found three more pots just like it. Relishing the treasure, I quickly planted them with annuals and set them out into the garden. Unfortunately, the Texas summer heat soon left the flowers bedraggled. I replanted. They died. This scenario repeated itself for about two years, when I finally decided to remove the pots from the garden. They sat unused in the garage for about three years. In the interim, we had time to study many archival photos of White Shadows, when Douglas Chandor was still personally at the helm. The strawberry pots appeared now and again through these photos, but they were always empty or the plantings were, well, bedraggled. While I took a little personal comfort in the fact that I was not the only gardener to be defeated by these strawberry pots, I knew there had to be an answer somewhere. That answer came two weeks ago, from Marion Wyler, owner of Wyler's Nursery in Brock, Texas. While shopping there one day, I noticed several flats of small Echiverias, Sedums, and other succulents with tiny plug root systems...small enough to fit into the inch-wide slits of the strawberry pots. A little horse trading occurred, and I left with enough plants to fill all four of the pots in identical fashion. Three hours later, we lined them up in the "windows" of the curved pergola, and from somewhere in the heart of the garden, I think I heard Douglas Chandor chuckle with delight.

Strawberry Pots
Above: The strawberry pots bursting with life.
Below: The empty strawberry pots flank the Buddha Niche in this 1940's photograph.

Strawberry Pots in 1940's photo
Around the Garden...

Balloon Flower

Balloon Flower (Platycodon grandiflorus) is a lovely herbaceous perennial native to eastern Asia. The namesake balloon-like bud opens into a lovely, star-shaped, blue flower. The photo at left was taken at 10:20am; the photo at right, 45 minutes later.

Parrot Lily
Parrot lily (Alstroemeria pulchella) from Brazil grows near the wooden dock at Chandor Gardens.
Another Round of Potatoes

One of the most beautiful plants at Chandor Gardens is the Air Potato (Dioscorea bulbifera), a fast-growing vine with heart-shaped leaves and those curious, but definitely non-edible "potatoes" hanging from the vine in early Autumn. Native to tropical China, the plant is a troublesome invasive species in areas without hard soil freezes. But here in North Texas, it's just a lovely curiosity.

Air Potato

Left: Air Potatoes begin to grow before we even plant them!
Right: Bulbil on the vine.

Below: That beautiful, deeply-veined, heart-shaped foliage.

Air Potato


You will see lots of old-fashioned zinnias around the garden. Raised from seed in our greenhouse, they bring brilliant color to the garden during the hottest months of summer.
Parting Shot...

American Bullfrog

Normally very camera-shy, this American Bullfrog may have thought those leaves were enough to hide him while we snapped this photo. A second later, he was gone.
Chandor Gardens Memberships

A membership to Chandor Gardens is the gift that gives all year long. Annual memberships are available at individual ($20), family ($60), contributor ($100) and corporate ($500) levels. For more information give us a call at 817-613-1700 or email  
We look forward to seeing you in the Gardens.

-The Chandor Gardens Staff
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