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Chandor Gardens, Weatherford, Texas
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Lunch in Chandor Gardens
Chandor Memories
Plant of the Month
City Streets to Garden Paths
Gifting Another Garden
Caladiums Everywhere!
Weddings at Chandor Gardens
Weddings at Chandor Gardens
"Your happily ever after begins here."

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Contact Information
Chandor Gardens
711 W Lee Avenue
Weatherford, TX

Karen Nantz
Fax: 817-598-4354
email KNantz@

Steven Chamblee
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Public Hours
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

noon to 4:00 pm

Closed all City Observed Holidays.

Adults: $5
Children 12 and under: Free
(Children must be accompanied by an adult.)

Private Tours and Events
Available year-round by appointment.


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Secrets from the Garden
Chandor Gardens Newsletter - June 2012

Don't let the heat keep you inside this Summer!  Bring a picnic or join us for "Lunch in the Gardens with the Wild Mushroom" (details below) followed by a stroll through Chandor Gardens under a canopy of cool  shade trees.  Remember to bring your cameras and make some Summer memories.

See you in the Gardens,
The Chandor Staff

"Just living is not enough." said the butterfly,
"One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." 
-Hans Christian Anderson
Lunch in Chandor Gardens
with the Wild Mushroom

The Wild MushroomKelli Hamilton, of Kelli's Southern Kitchen, has been a local caterer for the past seven years. She is now the Special Events Coordinator for the Wild Mushroom Restaurant here in Weatherford located at 1917 Martin Drive.

Wild Mushroom owners Jerrett Joslin and John Shepherd have gained a reputation across the Metroplex for their outstanding cuisine, excellent service and generous hospitality. They have won numerous awards including Best Entrée for three years in a row at the annual "Taste of Parker County."

Kelli, Jerrett and John have teamed up to bring their special culinary talents to Chandor Gardens for a unique dining experience. Please join us weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11:30a.m -1:30p.m. beginning Tuesday July 10th and Wednesday the 11th.

Reservations required.
Adults    $16.00
Children's menu available upon request
For a peek at the menu go to www.thewildmushroomrestaurant.com
For reservations contact or call 817-374-2697    
Chandor Memories
Original Douglas Chandor Painting Comes Home

Aileen Westbrook portrait by Douglas Chandor 

Like manna from heaven, a great treasure recently fell from the sky and into our arms here at Chandor Gardens.  Back in March Karen Nantz, Manager of the Gardens, received an email from Alexis Wolf, grand-daughter of Aileen Westbrook, whose portrait was painted by Douglas Chandor in 1934. Ms. Wolf explained that she now owned the painting, and remembered her grandmother telling her that "if ever there came a day when the family could not hang the portrait, Chandor Gardens is the place I'd like it to be." Since Ms. Wolf was moving into a home that could not accommodate the painting, she asked Karen if she would like to hang the painting at the Gardens.  

Aileen Westbrook portrait by Douglas Chandor 

Arrangements were made and the painting arrived on May 31 and was immediately hung in the foyer.  Chandor historian Harold Lawrence came to greet the painting and provided assistance in hanging it correctly.  

The painting is of a then seventeen year-old Miss Aileen Westbrook of Fort Worth, Texas. It differs from most of the portraits Douglas Chandor painted, which were primarily of politically and financially powerful men portrayed in a manner befitting that description.  This painting is quite the opposite, as it fully embraces the soft and sensuous femininity of the subject, instantly enveloping the viewer in her charm, warmth, and grace.  Chandor captures an astonishing depth of expression in her face; one that looks forward to the future with confidence and spirit, yet still retains the sweet playfulness of a not too distant childhood.  The painting is a testament to the amazing skill and sensitivity of Douglas Chandor, and brings an invaluable beauty and authenticity to his home.

Plant of the Month
Dahlberg Daisy
(Thymophylla tenuiloba)

Dahlberg Daisy 

Many visitors have asked about the plants at our colorful new entrance, but no plant has received as much attention as our Dahlberg Daisies.  Native to south-central Texas and northern Mexico, Dahlberg Daisy is sometimes called Golden Fleece.  Intricately divided leaves form a froth of fragrant, fern-like foliage that grows to about a foot high and is topped with a crown of tiny golden yellow daisy blossoms.  This annual flower blooms heavily in full sun during spring and fall, but still gives color right through the summer heat.  The only real caveat about this species is that it requires excellent drainage.  It can be found at local independent nurseries.

City Streets to Garden Paths

Chandor Gardens recently acquired a few pallets of pristine condition Thurber brick from the City's Transportation and Public Works Department, who had salvaged the antique brick from a road renovation.  Director of Capital Transportation Projects Terry Hughes said the City makes an extra effort to harvest historically important building materials.  These particular bricks came from a 1930's WPA project, and were originally used to make a valley gutter in the street of the southwest quadrant of Weatherford's downtown square.  

Thurber Brick Path

Thurber bricks are especially valued here at Chandor Gardens because they are time- and regionally-appropriate for making improvements here, as they match the original materials used to construct the garden.  (All Thurber bricks were made some 40 miles west in Thurber, Texas, between 1897 and 1930.)  The newfound bricks were used to pave the last two remaining mulch pathways at Chandor Gardens, making a stroll through the garden safer and easier.

A special thanks to Manny Palacios, Terry Hughes, and Jim Collins for making the bricks available to us.
Gifting Another Garden


The Dallas Arboretum was doing a bit of spring cleaning last month, clearing away unused items from a storage lot, when Horticulture Manager Tucker Reed thought of Chandor Gardens.  By the time the dust settled, Senior Director of the Gardens Jimmy Turner cleared the way for a substantial donation to Chandor Gardens, including an heirloom lead urn, five 3'x3' concrete pots, one 4'x6' concrete pot, and an assortment of plants.
Classically Styled Urn
Urn in transit - and in its new home.
"Small" Concrete Pot with Sago Palm

The classically-styled leadurn found a home snuggled into a niche along Kuan Yin Alley, alongthe east side of the garden, blending in so well that it appears to have spent the last seven decades there. Four of the five smaller pots grace the southern edge of the Dragon Pond beds; the fifth, filled with tropical plants, greets guests near the ladies restroom.  The largest urn, estimated to weigh almost 3000 pounds, has a story all its own.  

Originally off-loaded in the City's Public Works compound, the massive concrete container was quickly dubbed "The Hillbilly Hot Tub" by the friendly PW staff.  When it came time to move the monstrous pot to Chandor Gardens, Street Supervisor Jim Collins and Street Foreman Joe Brinkley brought on the big equipment to ensure the job was done right.  Padded with 4"x 4" posts, the portly pot was squeezed between the forks of a giant front-end loader and eased gently into position at the Garden's main entrance.  Once on the ground, it was filled with potting soil and planted with a Windmill Palm in the center and surrounded with ornamental sweet potato vine.
large concrete pot
Large concrete pot taken into Chandor Gardens.
large concrete pot
Careful placement of the large concrete pot.
Windmill Palm
Large concrete pot with Windmill Palm
Caladiums Everywhere!

caladiumsBulb Wholesaler Abbott-Ipco was also doing a bit of warehouse cleaning, and made a generous donation of 3500 caladium bulbs to Chandor Gardens.  Many of the bulbs were planted in select locations around the garden by Parker County Master Gardeners.  By mid-June, the garden will be swimming in the sumptuous foliage of caladiums!  Come and see!
We look forward to seeing you in the Gardens.

-The Chandor Gardens Staff
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