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* It's Always Cool  to Visit
* Autumn Art Walk
* Chandor Receives Award
* Yoga Classes
* Plant of the Month
* Around the Garden
* Then and Now 
* Parting Shot
* Chandor Memberships

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Newsletter Archive

Secrets from the Garden
Chandor Gardens Newsletter - June 2015

 It's Always Cool to Visit

Texas summers are always hot, but it's always cool to visit your local public garden, especially in the mornings.

Come on out to the garden and see the beauty of our summer gardens


Planning Ahead for Fall...
Autumn Art Walk at Chandor Gardens

As we take in the full sun and enjoy the heat of early summer in the gardens, we are always looking ahead to future activities. One of our favorite events here at Chandor Gardens is the Autumn Art Walk. A favorite among visitors, the Autumn Art Walk brings artists, artisans, and craft vendors to the gardens for a day filled with talent and beauty. The cooler brisk Fall air is always a welcomed treat to guests as they browse through displays and goodies to select that perfect item they wish to purchase.

We are always looking to grow and expand our list of artists and vendors for the event. If you, or someone you know would like to participate this year as a vendor at the Autumn Art Walk, please don't hesitate to contact our staff. The Autumn Art Walk will be on Sunday, October 18th from 12-4 pm. It is absolutely free to be a vendor and we are expecting a nice large crowd this year. If interested, please contact Jimmy Sorrells at .


Chandor Gardens Receives Award

Chandor Gardens is excited to have been honored with a 2015 Winner of Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence award. We are so proud to have this recognition and for the gardens to be showing up on more and more radars all the time. Tripadvisor is an excellent resource for destination get-a-ways both near and far. We are most proud that the award was given to us based on guests ratings. We are always looking for ways to reach beyond our area and community in order to share the gardens and history with as many people as possible. With so many people returning again and again, and with accolades like this... we know we are reaching broader audiences than ever before.


Yoga Classes

Every Tuesday & Thursday
5:30 to 6:30 pm

Instructor Loretta Benham offers yoga classes each Tuesday and Thursday at Chandor Gardens. Loretta's mix of energetic sequences incorporated with stillness through breath work and meditation to quiet the mind will provide a healthy addition to any workout regimen.
Bring your mat and wear comfortable clothing In inclement weather, classes will be held in the Great Room.
Price: Donation based
For more information call 817-597-1503 or 817-613-1700.



"Your happily ever after begins here."

Reserve your special day.

Dates are filling up fast for 2016.

Contact us to schedule a tour.

Gift Shop

Take the Gardens home with you. There are postcards, note cards, prints, and t-shirts sporting fabulous images of Chandor Gardens in our gift shop. We feature unique handmade items by a variety of local artisans specializing in textiles, stained and fused glass, jewelry, painting, photography and much more.


Plant of the Month

'Home Run' Rose

'Home Run' Rose is one of the tough new hybrid roses developed for easy care, heat tolerance, disease resistance, and heavy blooming. It grows to about four feet tall & wide, and features brilliant red blossoms. The flowers never produce fruit (rose hips), so they expend their energy exclusively on creating more blooms. Rapid new growth means they do not require deadheading. Ours at Chandor flower five to six times per year.


Around the Garden

A quick stroll around the garden always brings delightful color and wonderful forms, such as these lovely plume celosias (top, left), hydrangea (top right), the monstrous growth of this fasciated Euphorbia (below, left), and the graceful unfurling new foliage on this sago palm (below right).

below: Summertime is caladium time at Chandor Gardens. From pure white to deep red, there's a caladium destined to become your favorite.

Mixed hanging baskets (below, left) delight the eye, while old-fashioned, heirloom petunias provide color by day and intoxicating fragrance by night.

Part of our successional planting program at Chandor Gardens includes several three season beds. Lantanas carry the beds during the hot summer, then they are cut back and violas planted in between them for winter color. In February, the beds are overseeded with larkspur and/or Nigella, which will then overtake the fading violas in late spring and provide color into early summer. As temperatures heat up, the larkspur and Nigella form seed capsules that are harvested, the lantana takes over for the summer, and the cycle begins again.


Then & Now

Like children, gardens grow... often into forms that are barely recognizable from their old selves. The vintage photo on the left shows the Stone of the Immortals in the middle of the garden's central parking lot, with a hedgerow separating the area from the old arch-covered driveway. The recent photo at right, taken from the same vantage point, shows the same Stone of the Immortals, but this time shrouded in black bamboo, surrounded by the Labyrinth, and blanketed under trees. The hedgerow and arches left the garden decades ago. Gardens, like children, grow and change to become their own entities. We may miss the young versions, but it's pretty amazing to see them evolve into their mature selves.


Parting Shot

We grew some bunny tail grasses from seed this year, and placed them along the front of the west parlor bed. While working on replanting another bed nearby, we found it necessary to move the garden's vintage rabbit statue to another location. Leave it to those always-clever Parker County Master Gardeners to find just the perfect spot!


Chandor Gardens Memberships

A membership to Chandor Gardens is the gift that gives all year long. Annual memberships are available:

  • individual ($20)
  • family ($60)
  • contributor ($100)
  • corporate ($500)

For more information give us a call at 817-613-1700 or email .


Contact Information

Chandor Gardens
711 W Lee Avenue
Weatherford, TX 76086

Karen Nantz
Phone: 817-613-1700
Fax: 817-598-4354

Steven Chamblee


Public Hours
Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Sunday, noon to 4:00 pm
Closed all City Observed Holidays

Adults: $5
Children 12 and under: Free
(Children must be accompanied by an adult.)

Private Tours and Events
Available year-round by appointment.


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