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In this Issue

- A Special Time of Year
- Autumn Art Walk
- Goblins in the Gardens 
- Meditation Classes
- Yoga Classes
- Plant of the Month
- Around the Garden
- It Was Fun While It Lasted
- Parting Shot

Secrets from the Garden

Chandor Gardens Newsletter - September 2016

A Special Time of Year

As the summer sizzle gives way to the kinder days of autumn, the garden begins to reflect the change of seasons with renewed vigor. Flower colors become more vibrant, leaves start to show signs of red, orange, and yellow pigments. Even the squirrels and other creatures become more active... they know this is a special time of year. Take a few moments from your busy day to come and see what you can discover in the garden!

See you in the Garden,
The Chandor Gardens Staff


Autumn Art Walk

Sunday, October 23rd
12:00 noon to 4:00 pm
Admission: $1 per person

Join us at the Gardens as we usher in the fall season with our annual Autumn Art Walk! Area artists will be set up around the gardens demonstrating and selling a wide variety of unique art work including: painting, textiles, jewelry, photography, woodwork, pottery, glass art and much more.

Local family band, Anderson's Good Medicine-Ukulele Daily and Kevin Townson's Childbloom Guitar Ensemble, along with O'Bannon Bridges, a talented folk/country band will be entertaining during the event. Kelly Hamilton, with Indulge Catering will be here offering a wide array of yummy treats - so make plans to eat lunch in the Gardens. The event also features tours of the historic mansion and grounds.

below: Kevin Townson's Childbloom Guitar Ensemble

It's not too late to become an Art Walk vendor...bring two large bags of premium Halloween candy and you get to set up your booth for FREE!! For more information, or to become an Art Walk vendor, call 817-613-1700 or email .

below: Michael Anderson and son of Anderson's Good Medicine-Ukulele Daily.


Goblins in the Gardens

Sunday, October 30th
12:00 noon to 4:00 pm
Admission: $5 for adults; Children FREE
Costumes Encouraged

A spook-free, family, trick-or-treat experience for all ages, Goblins in the Gardens has quickly become one of our most popular annual events.

Costumed characters will be on hand throughout the Gardens handing out treats and a themed area will be set up for your personal photos.

Come on out to the Gardens and make some Halloween memories!


Meditation Classes

10:00 am to 11:00 am

Fee: Donation based
Led by: Elese (Sati) Hadsell

Elese (Sati) Hadsell is a native Texan and recently relocated to Weatherford from Fort Worth. Her meditation studies in the Theravada Forest Tradition began twenty-seven years ago. She has been teaching meditation for seven years.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a siting mat or cushion. Chairs will be available upon request. Classes will be held in the Chandor house in the Chinese sofa room and are for adults only.

Please contact Elese Hadsell if you will be attending as classes will be cancelled if an event conflicts with class time. You may contact Elese with any questions at .


Yoga Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays
5:30 to 6:30 pm

Fee: Donation based
Led by: Loretta Benham

Instructor Loretta Benham offers yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Chandor Gardens. Loretta's mix of energetic sequences incorporated with stillness through breath work and meditation to quiet the mind will provide a healthy addition to any workout regimen.
Bring your mat and wear comfortable clothing. In inclement weather, classes will be held in the Great Room.
Loretta invites anyone who is new to the practice of yoga to take their first class FREE. This offer is good through October 31st, 2016.

For more information call 817-597-1503 or 817-613-1700.



"Your happily ever after begins here."

Reserve your special day.

Dates are filling up fast for 2017 & 2018.

Contact us to schedule a tour.

Gift Shop

Take the Gardens home with you. There are postcards, note cards, prints, and t-shirts sporting fabulous images of Chandor Gardens in our gift shop. We feature unique handmade items by a variety of local artisans specializing in textiles, stained and fused glass, jewelry, painting, photography and much more.


Plant of the Month

Persian Shield (Strobilanthes dyernianus)
Native to Berma, this intriguing tropical plant features rich purple leaves with deeply-incised veins that give it a quilted look. As the leaves mature, they develop a metallic aluminum color that gradually fades to green. As summer temperatures cool, the leaves respond with increased color intensity.

At Chandor Gardens, we dig our Persian Shield plants in early November and carefully take cuttings for the next season. The new plants are always in high demand come spring, and many are given to Parker County Master Gardeners, who help us grow them on during the winter.


Around the Garden

An early morning walk through the garden brings a whole host of delights to enjoy.

Above: Black Bamboo catches early light, and Turk's Cap has begun its Autumn blooming.

Below: Little "Sputnik" flowers on Chinese Buttonbush always bring smiles. Knocked off by a passing squirrel, a tiny Japanese Maple leaf comes to rest upon a Caladium.

Above: Inland Sea Oats feature delicate, pendant, chevrons of seed. The pure white flowers of American Crinum.

Below: Reflections in the pond. Three years ago, a Shumard Oak fell in a storm, and this log was chain-sawed into a rustic bench for the garden.

Above: A lavender-colored Hibiscus flower. Caladiums looks spectacular in summer.

Below: Rain lilies erupt in soft pinks. A precocious Encore Azalea hints at fall re-blooming.

Above: Succulents and caladiums vie for attention. Sun-kissed Yucca leaves.

Below: Early morning sun brings shadowplay on white walls that is unseen after 8am.

Above: A Buddha statue smiles in the light of a new day. Fuzzy brown patches on a Staghorn Fern leaf are technically called sori, and will soon emit reproductive spores.

Below: The bridge leads to new adventures. A fallen Blackjack Oak with unique trunk characteristics was salvaged and has become The Succulent Tree.


It Was Fun While It Lasted!

A strange, ruffled algae appeared one day and grew into a most interesting filagreed mat upon the Boxwood Garden fountain. We had hoped it would continue to grow and cascade over the edges in a dramatic, drape-like effect. But alas, two days after these photos were taken, it began to brown and was removed. C'est la vie!


Parting Shot

Not content to elbow their way for space in a crowded flower bed, these two periwinkles made a break for it and found a tiny crack in the curbline pavement to call home. We admire such spirit, so they will stay.


Contact Information

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Karen Nantz
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Steven Chamblee


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