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Chandor Gardens

Secrets from the Garden

Chandor Gardens Newsletter - January 2018

January is here with its brisk and blustery weather, but fret not, it won’t last forever, and spring is quickly approaching. Now is a time to prepare and plan, and we are doing a lot of that right now. We have a plethora of fun events and surprises coming up, and we are preparing the gardens in accordance with the spectacular spring we are expecting.

The Parker County Master Gardeners will be assisting our staff in planting thousands of flowering bulbs throughout the gardens, and it won’t be long before our perennials start their spring show. Mix in a few annuals and all the new growth that shows in abundance, and the gardens are transformed into a hidden paradise perfect for any photo sessions coming up!

Additionally, next month, Chandor Gardens along with Clark Gardens will be proud to host the Texas Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta’s 2018 conference, a gathering of about 80 of Texas’s best and brightest in the field!

Then, on April 7th, we will host our annual Spring Fling event in which the public can come out and shop from local artisans and craftsmen. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please call us at 817-613-1700, or email Stephanie at for more details.

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for more details on Chandor Gardens Foundation upcoming gala themed “Old Hollywood” on April 28th. It’s sure to be a fabulous and glamorous affair, and details will be released shortly. All of us at Chandor Gardens are so excited at what the next few months have in store, so come out and visit us soon!

Keep up with us on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted there too.

See you in the Garden,
The Chandor Gardens Staff

Spring Fling

Spring Fling at Chandor Gardens


Saturday, April 7th, 2018
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
 Admission $1 per person

Help us celebrate the arrival of a long-awaited spring season in the gardens at our annual "Spring Fling!" This popular event features music, food, area artists, and artisans.

Every year, our list of talented participating artists and vendors grows, and this year will be no exception. The gardens will be loaded with talented people displaying, demonstrating and selling their unique arts and crafts.

So, come on out and see the gardens in full bloom and bring your camera for a special family photo or two!

Calling All Vendors!

As we grow and expand this popular event every year, we're always looking for new and talented artists and artisans to come join in on the celebration, and display/sell your goods to the public. This event is FREE (YES, FREE!) to all vendors. We are opening the -gates at 9:00 am for vendor set up and allowing to 5:00 pm for vendor take-down. If interested, please call 817-613-1700 or email .

Spring Fling
Yoga Frog

Yoga Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays
5:30 to 6:30 pm
Fee: Donation based
Led by: Loretta Benham

Instructor Loretta Benham offers yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Chandor Gardens. Loretta's mix of energetic sequences incorporated with stillness through breath work and meditation to quiet the mind will provide a healthy addition to any workout regimen.
Bring your mat and wear comfortable clothing. In inclement weather, classes will be held in the Great Room.

For more information call 817-597-1503 or 817-613-1700.


It's Bulb Planting Time

Bulb Planting

Though it's cold January now, Spring is fast approaching, so we have thousands of bulbs in preparation for those warmer moments of vitality and new growth. Our crew, with the Parker County Master Gardeners, will be planting these shortly, so you can expect the gardens to be lavishly decorated with blooms in the very near future and for the air to be redolent with spring floral scents.

This period of blooming would be a perfect time to do family, engagement, or bridal photos! For inquiries on professional photography, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 817-613-1700.


Plant of the Month


Ornamental Kale
Kale is in the brassica family alongside mustard, broccoli, cabbages, cauliflower, and other similar plants. What many people don't know is that kale in this form is an excellent cold weather annual due to its bright, showy color, and that's why we've chosen it for our January Plant of the Month! There are so many varieties that encompass varying sizes, colors, and leaf shapes, that we couldn't pick just one. If you're looking for inspiration, come see us while it's still cool and see all the ways we've incorporated this winter staple into our landscaping for a surprisingly lush January garden.

Weddings at Chandor Gardens
Chandor Gardens Gift Shop


"Your happily ever after begins here."

Reserve your special day.

Dates are filling up fast for 2018 & 2019.

Contact us to schedule a tour.  817-613-1700 or

Gift Shop

Take the Gardens home with you. There are postcards, note cards, prints, and t-shirts sporting fabulous images of Chandor Gardens in our gift shop. We feature unique handmade items by a variety of local artisans specializing in textiles, stained and fused glass, jewelry, painting, photography and much more.


Meet the Crew! - Steven Chamblee

Steven Chamblee

On any given day in the garden, you can expect to find the enigmatic Steven Chamblee embarking on a new project, or meticulously pruning the trees with expert precision and care, or simply just sitting back observing the gardens and the plants, waiting to be graced with the inevitable inspiration of Douglas Chandor's gardens. Since January of 2006, Steven has spearheaded Chandor Garden's projects, maintenance, and landscaping. With an Associate Degree in Applied Science from Tarrant County Junior College, a Bachelor's of Horticulture from Tarleton State University, and a Master's Degree in Public Horticultural Administration from the University of Delaware through the Longwood Graduate Program, Steven is a noted expert in his field. And for a man with such a large and imposing stature, he is kind, genuine, and always happy to answer questions on the history of the gardens, the Chandors, or his work.

Steven has had his fair share of projects around the gardens as he tries to stay true to Douglas Chandor.- Indeed, when I asked where he gets his inspiration and direction for the garden from, he stated, "I have a boss here, and that boss is Douglas Chandor. Even though he died before I was born, and I have to read from the garden he laid out, his intents and visions for the garden, and I go with that. Douglas was a radical gardener, and people often ask me if I'm trying to replicate what he would have done in the garden, and I can't do that." He pauses here and laughs. "For one, I think I'd be fired in the first five minutes, but I do try and add interest to the garden regularly, and do something different, because if you come out here twice and it looks the same, you aren't ever going to come out here again. My goal is to make it look a little different every time you come out." Indeed, Steven is an artist in his own right, mixing science with creativity in innovative and new ways, which in a way, is an homage to Douglas Chandor himself.

Chandor is a place where escape and peace is always a possibility, no, a probability. But it may surprise people to know; it's also a place of unexpected surprises and revelations. Steven laughed to himself when I asked him to tell me about something strange and unexpected he had come across in his time here as our horticulturist. "One odd thing that happened out here is the concrete barrel story. Toby and I are out here one day, planting some Oakleaf Hydrangeas, and he tells me he hit a rock. I told him to go ahead and just dig it out. 'It's big,' he said, to which I replied 'Oh, don't be a wimp.' I go over there, and when I hit it with the shovel, I see that this rock is completely flat on top. I thought to myself, 'well that's odd.' So we dug down, and the rock was perfectly round with a rectangular hole in the top. So we started digging, and sure enough, it turned out to be a concrete barrel that was covered over when someone along the line installed a raised bed. So we started digging this thing out, myself, Toby, the wonderful Bill Warren, and a friend of Toby's. We all worked like dogs to get this thing out, and we end up with this seven hundred to eight hundred pound concrete barrel off in the ground, and how do you get it out? You can't reach it with the tractor, so I thought, 'If they could build the pyramids without heavy machinery, we can certainly get this thing out of a hole. So we took some 2x4 studs and rocked the barrel to one side and wedged the boards under there, rocked it to the other side and did the same. We just did this, going back and forth, and eventually, it came out, and we rolled it out. It was so difficult, it was ridiculous. But you had four hard-headed guys convinced we could do this, so we did." He laughs. "Now we use it as a planter."

In addition to hard-headed (and rather cheeky), Steven is a wealth of knowledge, history, and information on gardening. But more than that, he is an artist, an idealist, and a visionary. He loves to talk about his many adventures in the garden and throughout the world, and if you listen long enough through his admittedly sometimes long-winded stories and anecdotes, you may find someone wise beyond his years, with wit to spare, and a kind word, or two, or three.

Here at Chandor Gardens, we really appreciate the wealth of diversity and experiences our staff brings to the table, so check back to see more installments of "Meet the Crew," as more will be coming soon!

Chandor Gardens Crew

Parting Shot

Frozen Waterfall

Even when days are frigid, the Gardens deliver unexpected beauty. The iconic waterfall at Chandor Gardens looks like something straight out of a fairy tale on a frozen January morning.


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