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Chandor Gardens

Secrets from the Garden

Chandor Gardens Newsletter - May 2020

This has been a strange year so far, hasn't it? We, along with other city departments, have had to completely revamp our approach to things to keep everyone safe. We are very proud to say that we are back and open to the public! This reopening fortuitously falls during a period of exceptionally beautiful and temperate weather, and the flora in the Gardens love every minute of it. Our staff has worked hard while we were closed to the public to trim back our hedges and do maintenance on our fountains and ponds, and we can't wait for you to come out and see the fresh take on the grounds.

Additionally, we are open for event reservations from June forward! Understandably, there will be some caveats to this to accommodate social distancing and temporary capacity changes as we navigate a Covid-19 world, but we are ecstatic to be moving forward. So, if you are looking for an event space for your wedding, reception, private party, shower, or any other event, please call us at 817-613-1700.

We would like to take a moment to thank the City of Weatherford for their superb leadership during this unprecedented and historic event. They have worked hard to balance the needs of the city while keeping everyone safe and have been flexible in their approach, enabling us to be able to softly reopen for your enjoyment! We do ask that everyone respect social distancing guidelines in the Garden and our temporarily reduced capacity, so that all may have a safe and enjoyable time in the Gardens.

With our utmost gratitude,
Chandor Gardens Staff

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Spring Blooms 

Spring Blooms
Spring Blooms

Pansies and Violas are not often considered as a "spring" flower, but when picked in the right hues, they truly lend themselves to the fresh pastel palette of spring. These soft clouds of blossoms grace the entrance to the Pergola from the parking lot and have an air of the downiest of blankets on the Garden beds. This would be a perfect colorful spot for portraits, and we know there are a ton of High School Senior Photos that need to be shot. We would like to remind everyone that photography must be scheduled in advance by calling us at 817-613-1700 and scheduling them during our open hours only. This ensures we do not have to turn anyone away, and everyone has a chance to get those beautiful shots.


Garden Learning

Garden Learning
Garden Learning

The gorgeous Alocasias catch the afternoon light perfectly down on Ina's Walk. Their giant leaves almost glow in the sunshine! An employee caught this unique view of the underside of one of the leaves, highlighting the intricate structure of the veins which are used for water and nutrient intake. This is what plants need for Capillary Action to take place! This tissue is called "xylem." You have seen xylem before; think of the rings in felled trees. Xylem tissue is made of millions of tiny tubes made of cellulose. Because water molecules like to stick together and like to stick to the walls of the tubes of cellulose, they rise through the tubes all the way from the roots to the leaves. Water then evaporates from the leaves, helping to draw up more water from the roots. This process is called capillary action.

We know there are lots of kids out of school, so a fun activity for them might be identifying water intake structures in plants, and even demonstrating this action with celery and food-colored water! It is important that the celery still has its leaves attached. Simply cut the bottom for a fresh opening and place the stem in water dyed red or blue. Children can watch the color rising through the stalk and observe how Capillary Action seems to defy gravity and have a new understanding and appreciation for the green things in the world around them. Follow up in the Garden and see as they hypothesize where and how different plants take in their water and try to identify the structures that make it possible.


Garden Statues

garden statues
garden statues
garden statues

It is no secret that Douglas Chandor was enamored by all things related to Chinese gardening traditions. This is evident throughout the oasis with the Oriental and Buddhist iconography ever-present. The Chinese Moon Gate above was built in 1949 of mortar, stone, roof tiles, split sewer pipe, bottles, and handmade ceramic figures. Additionally, the Stone of the Immortals and the dainty Chinese woman statue add to the effect of a far-east Garden on the southern and eastern ends of the property. This Texas Garden, created by an Englishman, blends aspects of all three highlighted areas of the world (England, Texas, and China) into one unique space, making for a completely different botanical garden the likes of which exist nowhere else on the planet.


Facebook Submissions

Facebook submissions
Facebook submissions
Facebook submissions

We know that despite places reopening, not everyone can or wants to venture out just yet, so we have been accepting submissions so that everyone can share their gardens with us the way we share Chandor Gardens with you! The photos above were submitted to our Facebook by Kathryn Engel, and we love her beautiful blooms! We are happy to continue to feature fellow gardener's work on Facebook and here in our newsletter, so to submit, please either message them to our Facebook page directly, or email Liz at . If anything, the disruption caused by Covid-19 has caused us to find new ways to connect and bring people together. That part, at least, has not been so bad.

Check out this picture Cori Ruiz snapped of the Honeybees loving the blooms on her Ligustrums! And how beautiful are Tiffany Carr Thomas' Roses?

Facebook submissions
Facebook submissions
Facebook submissions

New Perspectives

New Perspectives
New Perspectives

These photos were taken from unusual vantage points, which highlights how beautiful the things we see every day can be when looked at from a different perspective. Of course, the Garden is beautiful, and we know that, but even still, stopping and looking at things from a different angle can help you to see it in a new light. The first is a shot of the millstones by the small Waterfall looking down, and the second looks like a big Oriental building, but it is really a miniature; the photo was taken from ground level! In addition to using new perspectives in photography, we can incorporate them into our lives right now as we readjust, reassess, and find new beauty all around us.

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Plant of the Month

Ox-Eye Daisy
Ox-Eye Daisy

Leucanthemum vulgare "Ox-Eye Daisy"
How magical do these Ox-Eye Daisies look on the dappled-sunlit paths? Leucanthemum vulgare is an herbaceous perennial plant in the Aster family and is native throughout Europe and the temperate regions of Asia. These easy perennials prefer light conditions from light partial shade to full sun and prefer dry to medium water conditions and well-drained soil. This fast-growing plant reaches heights of around 3 feet tall and will fill in an area nicely without being invasive. To view our Daisy beds, look to the section of the Garden between the Bowling Green and Waterfalls!


Original Lighting

Original Lantern

This beautifully painted iron light fixture is original to the house and features an interesting relief of a Crane in full spread. In Chinese culture, the Crane is venerated as the "prince of all feathered creatures" and thus has a legendary status. Embodying peace, a crane that is shown with its wings stretched out, stands for longevity. The symbolism is fitting for this Garden, which has lasted for decades in the heart of Weatherford. We have been here for over 80 years, and we look forward to remaining a part of Weatherford culture for 80 more.


Maintaining Beauty

Maintaing Beauty - Dragon Fountain

Our ponds and fountains have undergone some work while we were closed. Our staff painted the inside of them a matte black color, which has added a level of depth and beauty, as evident in this picture of our iconic Dragon Fountain. We are so proud of our staff members as they have navigated this pandemic with patience and adaptability. Out in the Garden, the staff has taken this opportunity to clean, trim, and do projects that are difficult to accomplish when we are open to the public. Inside the mansion, we have adjusted to focusing on virtual marketing and projects to bring the Gardens to life online in ways like never before. It's a rewarding process to make the Gardens more accessible to people who may be limited in their ability to get out and about and to people who live prohibitive distances away from our location. We cannot wait to see what the future brings as we incorporate what we have learned during this health crisis into our regular operational activities.


Parting Shot - The Curious Koi

The curious koi

This curious Koi fish almost seems to be suspended in space, not in a pool of water, but never fear; he is just in the Millstone Pond. He popped up to say hello and blow water towards the photographer. Spending time around the Koi is quite an interesting experience as it becomes clear after a while that each fish has its own personality. Some are curious like this fellow, some keep their distance, and some like to hide in the shadows. Our fish are not just decoration but are part of our lives here in the Garden. They love visitors too, so come make friends with our finned family!

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